Julien – 12 years old

Julien – 12 years old

Julien is angry at his father. Clashes occur between the members of the family during the meals. Very often, both brothers line up against their parents and the atmosphere degenerates.

Julien’s father had come to my practice a few weeks earlier because he felt very stressed by his job. He had noticed the benefits Reiki had brought to his cousin after her burn-out. After 5 sessions, she had found back her joy of living. Julien’s father had immediately felt calmed after his first session. He thus suggested Julien trying the Reiki experience.

During our talk, Julien tells me his aggressiveness comes eventually from situations lived at school. His father is just a scapegoat… I teach him the ” technique of the tiger ” to help him channeling his anger, express it, without being submerged by its energy. Then, I give Julien one Reiki care hour. Julien is relieved, he is quiet and smiling.

Later on, Julien’s mother will tell me that harmony is back within the family.


This is the end of «My Reiki experience with children” article. I have received other children on Reiki sessions, with similar circumstances or disorder.

I noticed young children and teenagers are very receptive to Reiki energy. They need few sessions to find the way back to enjoyment and reassurance.

I am full of gratitude for the Reiki and its ability to transform one’s life.

I am full of gratitude for the trust these parents and children grant me.

I am full of gratitude to be fortunate enough to support these children towards the liberation of their tensions. Children are the ones who build the future of our world.

If you have seen some aspects of your life improving after one or more Reiki sessions I have given you, you can testify on this site. Your testimonials will undoubtly help hesitating people to take the path of a greater well-being… Thank you.


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