Reiki Initiation Sessions

Initiation sessions are available to those wishing to learn how to give Reiki sessions.

Reiki is simple and easy to learn, anyone can learn it, and there are no prerequisites.

Once you’ve learned, you can give Reiki to yourself or to others.

Teacher initiation sessions are also available.


Looking back on my personal story with Reiki initiations

With my first Reiki Master, I started my journey in June 2016 (Usui Reiki 1st degree) and was initiated to Karuna® Reiki Practitioner I and II in September 2017, after being initiated to the Usui Master Practitioner 3rd degree in April 2017 (prerequisite to be initiated to Karuna®).

I took the Usui Master teacher (4th degree) in November 2018 with a second Reiki Master.

I had always had the desire to be initiated into the Karuna® Mastery and had registerd in December 2019 for a Holy Fire® III / Karuna® Master Teacher course to take place June 19-21 in Glastonbury (UK) facilitated by William Lee Rand who developed the Karuna® Reiki.

This training was cancelled due to the declaration of the pandemic by the WHO.

I later received an invitation to participate in an online training given by W. L. Rand. Skeptical at first about the reliability of an online Reiki attunement (a statement repeated over and over again in the French initiation courses despite the fact that we one can send remote Reiki sessions!), I refused several times before telling myself that I could always try for my personal experience.

So I took the Holy Fire® III / Karuna® Master Teacher Initiation in September 2021 with William Lee Rand. I was absolutely thrilled with the teaching I received and the exchange of Reiki and discussion between participants.

I have decided to repeat the entire initiatory journey with W.L. Rand in order to be able to teach in the same way:

– Usui / Holy Fire® III Master Teacher in December 2021

– Usui / Holy Fire® III Practitioner I and II in January 2022

– Holy Fire® World Peace Master upgrade in January 2024

This is why I teach according to the transmissions I received directly from William, with one exception: I continue to split the Usui mastery into 2 degrees (master-practitioner and master-teacher). On the other hand, I teach together the Usui/ Holy Fire® III 1st and 2nd degrees because it seems relevant to me to receive the whole teaching including the Reiki remote sessions (geographical and temporal  in order to become totally empowered.

The planning and description of the classes are available here.