Paul – 14 years old

Paul – 14 years old

This is the year of the fifth grade exam for Paul.  Paul has difficulties feeling confident: he suffers from dyslexic disorders. Although the school board grants him a longer time during the examination, the young man remains very worried, particularly regarding the French written session.

And for a good reason! Reading a one-page text means real difficulties for Paul as letters get blurry. He cannot understand neither the words, neither the meaning of the sentences he sees. He needs a lot of time and method to read the questions and fails understanding the instructions: thus his answers are often irrelevant, not due to the lack of concentration but due to the lack of time.

Reading is suffering. It is a really difficult and disheartening exercise. Furthermore, he has to face other people’s opinion and judgments. Nevertheless, at the oral, Paul does not face these difficulties and he rather is alert.

Full of courage, Paul is hoping to obtain his diploma to be able to build up the life he wishes and to show that he is capable of success.

Paul came to two Reiki sessions. During our second appointment, I also guided him to visualize the success of his oral presenting his company internship report… These two sessions were beneficial for Paul: they calmed him and restored his self-confidence.

Paul passed successfully both the written and oral French tests. His head teacher was rather surprised Paul got his diploma.

Paul was very proud he had been able to prove that he was capable of succeeding in spite of unfavorable forecasts. He could gladly take the path that suited in his aspiration!

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