Karmic Release

When, as a young adult, I lived my «Light experience», my life was totally transformed: I realized that, far from being a human being seeking to reach a certain state of spiritual awakening, I am actually a spiritual being incarnated in matter to make experiences that allow  to know oneself, which is only possible a world of matter and duality as we know it.

Before that, I had tried to gather as much knowledge and experience as possible and to travel all over the world, pressed by the dead-end of my own death and the nothingness that would follow. During this transcendence, totally bathed in an unconditional love to which I have never been able to taste here below, I realized that I am immortal, that physical death is only a passage towards other dimensions or states of consciousness [1]. I then felt a great peace and serenity, a huge confidence in life and I was totally able to let go.

Karmic memories

During our previous lives, the different situations we have experienced have left their imprints in our cells: they are the «karmic memories». Karma is also called the «law of cause and effect»: what you send to the universe comes back, whether in this existence or in the next one! Each incarnation allows us to evolve, hence the importance of becoming conscious. As long as the wounds, fears or sufferings that have been created are not recognized, welcomed and transmuted, they reactivate themselves from life to life. Thus they create recurring patterns in situations, reactions or relationships. These patterns may come from our own memories or those of our ancestors.

Spirituality is in matter. Matter is information, it is manifested spirituality. It is inside matter that we are connected to the universe. When you meditate, you go inside matter with your consciousness and that’s where you find the information. Because if you have all the information from all the other atoms in the universe in each of your atoms, you have access to all the information from anywhere in the universe.

Nassim Haramein (Quantum Physicist)

Karmic release

Developed by Emmanuel Ferran, Karma-Libre® allows you to reconnect to the memories that caused the energy blockage and to transform them through love, light or forgiveness.

It is not a mental process; it takes place at the body level, in the sensations and from the cells that transmit the information. Once the memory is released, the energy circulates again and life can bring new experiences.

Examples of karmic themes

  • Relationship issues (family, couple, professionals, friends, etc.)
  • Lack of love or self-esteem
  • Relationship to money
  • The 5 wounds of the soul (rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal, injustice)
  • Fear of commitment, submission, sacrifice
  • Repetitive injuries (sprains, cuts, etc.)


The session takes place in a sitting position and lasts between 1h30 and 2h. Once the issue you want to release has been determined, we practice together a centering and connection exercise. Then I guide you step by step in the liberation of this/these memory/ies with sentences to repeat. Each sentence allows you to search for resonant information in your cellular memory; it will communicate through images or scenes, words, sounds, sensations, feelings, colours or other modes of expression that will gradually release energy blockages and restore the free circulation of energy. There is no need to interpret what comes, just to welcome and feel it without judgment, even if sometimes the sensation may be unpleasant. The process is smooth, at your own pace.

Remote session

I can guide a session remotedly. We take a 2h appointment and you make sure you will not be disturbed by anything during this session. Internet connection needs to be available for video, either by computer or phone (my usual tools are Zoom and Skype). Have a drink of water nearby!

[1] Numerous testimonies, researches, documentaries, books and scientific studies on this subject are currently available.