My Reiki experience with children

I have always felt close to children. From their youngest age, they themselves are: real, without any filter, without any judgment… and especially full of love!
During a Reiki session with a minor, the presence of a parent is asked. When fixing the appointment, the latter often gives me the motives for this approach . From the initial stage of the session, I am talking exclusively with the child. During our exchange, he* gives me his point of view onto the situation that he’s experiencing. He describes his feelings, his fears, his stress, his obstacles or his pain. He expresses as well his hopes and his request towards a greater well-being… It is often a very revealing moment for the adult who is not always conscious of the world in which his child is living. After I have explained to the child the modalities of a Reiki session, I ask him for his agreement before processing. With no agreement, no Reiki.
Reiki helps children to find peace and serenity, as well as joy and vitality. A lot of them tell me they feel completely relaxed by the end of the session and they enjoyed this moment.

Some samples of children who came (first names and some details have been changed to maintain confidentiality): Chloe, 11 years old

*To be concise, “he” is employed but means he or she, with no discrimination!


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