Chloe – 11 years old

Chloe, 11 years old – Chloe is the first child to whom I gave Reiki healing.

Since her youngest age, Chloe could not fall asleep without her room’s light on besides the night light. For some time, she refused to go to bed before her mom.  Desk clerk in a hotel, she did not return home before 1 am or 2 am. In college, she had relational difficulties with her schoolmates and had fallen out with her best friend. She had complexes by her physical appearance and asked systematically for exemptions for sport classes. Chloe was sad and had lost all her love of life.

I explained to Chloe that she might fall asleep during the session. She answered it would amaze her a lot, as she had difficulty falling asleep. Ten minutes later, Chloe was sleeping. Her mom told me after the session that she had seen her daughter as her sleeping baby: her hands had been grinding on an imaginary blanky!

After our first appointment, that very evening, I received a SMS from the mother saying that just after the session Chloe went hopping to the car while humming. Her mother had the feeling she had “regain” her daughter … She sent back a new message one week later to confirm that this state was going on, to everyone’s delight.

After the 3rd session, Chloe accepted to go to bed at the reasonable time for a schoolgirl and asked her mother to switch off her room’s light. She had lost any aggressiveness towards her schoolmates, particularly towards her friend… and she had asked her mother to buy her a pair of sneakers to run the school’s cross! Chloe did not need seeing me again.

Today, Chloe is a young girl full of enjoyment and at ease with herself!

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