Leo – 9 years old

Leo – 9 years old

Leo is quite a shy boy who expresses himself through the music: he plays the violin ans studies music at the Conservatoire. As last year, Leo is about to take the competitive examination. Unlike the previous two years, Leo is feeling overwhelmed with bad stress. He lost his confidence in his abilities as well as his sleep.

His father, who noticed certain benefits from a Reiki session, suggests him trying Reiki to calm his fears. We book an appointment for the day just before the event.

During our exchange, I encourage Leo to tell me in detail about his musical practice, the audition and his apprehensions. I invite him then to visualize the success of his competition, to feel the thrills and the pleasure that he perceives when he plays the violin for himself or his loved ones.

Lying on the table, he lets himself go in the heat of my hands while continuing the visualization exercise. After the Reiki session, Leo is smiling; he feels light, relaxed and confident.

One week later, his father tells to me that Leo passed successfully his audition with a very good grade and the jury’s congratulations. His music professor was positively amazed at such a result because the composition Leo had chosen was particularly difficult to execute.

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