Do you dare…

to dream?

You will find below a graphic video to look at again and again, without restraint. It is really helpful to start the day with an increased motivation and self-confidence.

It allows to understand the different mechanisms that have created our beliefs, since our youngest age. If some beliefs are helpful, many are restrincting and generate fears, paralyzing our decision-making and actions.

Do you know the notions of “comfort  zone“, “learning zone“, “panic zone” and “magic zone“? Can you believe a “comfort zone” can be uncomfortable?!

Dreaming and to believing in oneself is important to be oneself and reach one’s purpose.

This extract of the William Ernest Henley’s “Invictus” poetry will then become yours:

I am master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.



Creating happiness

I would like to share with you a text I discovered in Christine Lewicki’s book “I stop grumbling”. After some searches, it seems that this text had been written by Johanne Razanamahay et Christian Tal Schaller.

I wish you to catch this disease and to propagate it widely around you…

Warning! A worldwide epidemic is spreading at breakneck pace. WOW (World Organization of Welfare) provides that billions of people will be infected in the next decade. The symptoms of this terrible disease:

1. Tendency to be guided by one’s own intuition instead of acting under pressure from fears, misconceptions and past conditioning.

2. Total Lack of interest in judging others, to judge oneself, and be interested in all that creates conflicts.

3. A total loss of ability to worry. (This is an extremely serious symptom).

4. Constant pleasure to appreciate things and people as they are, which leads to the disappearance of the habit of wanting to change others.

5. Intense desire to transform oneself to positively manage one’s thoughts, emotions, physical body, material life and environment, in order to constantly develop one’s potential health, creativity and love.

6. A total lack of interest in anything that is conflicting.

7. Repeated attacks smile, the kind of smile that says “thank you” and gives a sense of unity and harmony with all living things.

8. Opening constantly growing in the spirit of childhood, simplicity, laughter and gaiety.

9. Moments increasingly frequent communication with one’s conscious mind, which gives a pleasant feeling of fullness and happiness.

10. Pleasure to behave healer who brings joy and light, rather than critical or indifferent.

11. Ability to live alone, couples, families and society in the fluidity and equality, without playing neither victims nor executioners.

12. Feeling feel responsible and happy to offer the world dreams of an abundant future, harmonious and peaceful.

13. Total Acceptance of one’s presence on earth and will to choose in every moment the beautiful, the good, the true and the living.

If you want to continue to live in fear, dependency, conflict, disease and conformism, avoid contact with people with these symptoms. This disease is highly contagious! If you already have symptoms, know that your condition is probably irreversible. Medical treatment can temporarily disappear some symptoms, but cannot oppose the inevitable spread of evil. No anti happiness vaccine exists. As this disease of happiness causes loss of the fear of death, which is one of the central pillars of the beliefs of modern materialistic society, serious social unrest may occur, such strikes of warlike spirit and the need being right, happy people to rallies to sing, dance and celebrate life, sharing circles and healing of laughter attacks and sessions of collective emotional romping!

October 2016

The Tree of Life

To personalize my practice, I ordered the drawing of a tree trunk with its roots and branches to Dany L., an artist that I had the great pleasure to meet at her place in Saône.

We dsc_0310went together to buy a big board on which she would paint the picture. First setback, the size of the board was 3-cm too wide to go into my car! Fortunately, Jacques, her husband, came to our rescue with blankets, belts and carrier straps to fasten it on the roof.

When the work was dry, Thierry and I went to pick it up and drive it from Saône to Chalezeule by the road of La Malate. We can say that we drove like a snail with the board fixed upon the roof to avoid it flying away with the breath of the air…

dsc_0318What a great pleasure to finally install this painting in the practice, as it means a lot to me. Actually, the tree symbolizes the Cosmos alive, regenerating ceaselessly. Source of physical fertility, psychological protection and spiritual awakening, it is a beneficial symbol of the life in perpetual evolution.

This work is a co-creation with the people who receive Reiki care: they can, if they wish, before leaving, apply one or more fingerprints with colors they choose – colors of chakras – to create and enlarge the foliage of this tree.

Dany, thank you from the bottom of my heart to have spontaneously agreed to contribute to the creation of the atmosphere of my Reiki place.

Reiki’s 5 ideals


To be the actor of my life means to choose the way I behave and act, freely and consciously.

Here are the Reiki 5 ideals that Mikao Usui transmitted and which I practise of my best every day to be in agreement with Life.


  • Just for today, do not anger
  • Just for today, do not worry
  • Just for today, be filled with gratitude
  • Just for today, devote yourself to your work
  • Just for today, be kind to people

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nita Mocanu exposes in a simple and accessible way what the Reiki 5 ideals are (video is in French)

August – September 2016

Renovation and opening of my practice in Chalezeule

I gave Reiki healing in a spare room when I decided to create a place dedicated to Reiki’s activities.

I had first think about implementing a wooden chalet in the garden. This solution needed significant investments and work: large chalet with waiting room and toilets, pouring a concrete slab and utilities (electricity, water and evacuation, heating…).

Thanks to Annabelle, Pauline and Éliane (thanks to you!), I found a place to implement my practice: a 16-m2 room in a Center where other practitioners were located and where activities were held (yoga, biodanza, Women Circle…) with a waiting room and toilets, near to bus and tramway stops and with a free large parking lot!

I started the renovation work mid- August in order to open on September 1st, 2016.

Thanks to you, Régine, for the long hours you spent helping me painting (and not only the walls! I’m awarding you with the recognition as the Queen who painted all the pipes), sealing the holes, tiding up, disturbing, cleaning, perspiring, giving recommendations, sharing, laughing, singing… You have enchanted these 15 intense days!

Thanks to Thierry for his understanding, his patience, his cleverness and all the finishes that I would not have made by my own…

I wished to offer everybody a comfortable, intimate space, where one could feel as in a cocoon and spend 90 mn timeless, for a real break of well-being…

Renovation work