Gene Keys

Unlock your higher purpose through the living wisdom hidden in your DNA Gene Keys

Richard Rudd

Through contemplation of the unique sequences composed by the Keys linked to your DNA, you have access to their teachings. As Contemplation progresses, their wisdom percolates into you; after imbibing it, when you apply it in your daily life, one by one your troubles will begin to fall away and you will find yourself inhabiting a new and brighter life. This is the power to unlock our Higher Purpose hidden in our DNA. Your individual hologenetic profile as the key to this portal.




Gene Keys Guide Directory and webinar

On October 2023, my profile was validated and added to the Gene Keys Guide Directory. You cand find out more here !

In order to celebrate this new milestone, I invite you to attend my free online presentation (zoom) on Friday 17 November from 9pm to 10.30pm (Paris, Berlin).

During this interactive event, I’ll be covering the following topices:

  • the Gene Keys
  • the benefits of this tool
  • ma vision of being by your side as a Guide

After the presentation, we will have a nice sharing moment, during which I will sincerely answer your questions. Please note that I will not be offering any personal profile lecture during this session. There will be other events on different themes later on, which I will be hosting on my own or with other members of the French translation team I joined more than 2 years ago.

Please contact me in writing and give me your first name, surname and email address and I will send you your invitation link.

See you soon!


(Other pages to come!)