Here are, by theme, the books* that allowed me to make my way in my personal and spiritual development; I warmly invite you to discover:

Spirituality and personal development

My bedside book… This book presents a meditation a day. When I bought  it years ago, I read the related text every day. Now, I open it every day “at random” and find every time substance in answer to my concerns. Essential to begin the day or get ready for a peaceful night with positive thoughts…

How to find one’s personal freedom? We are living in a world where we have been conditioned since our birth by the fears transmitted from generation to generation. Our restrincting faiths lead us to suffering and limit our enjoyment. By dayly practising the toltec agreements, we are able to find a way back to freedom, happiness and love.

Annie Marquier proposes a synthesis on the human being’s behaviour from searches on spirituality and psychology. It also gives us tools we can use to transform our life with awarenesses… in order to find the freedom of being oneself.

Philosophic novel

A panting novel on self-discovery. It is so easy to identify with the hero of the novel who is seeking for happiness through experiences which will modify his views on life and his environment… Be careful! once you have begun this novel, it is very difficult not to read it to the end, even if it means staying up all night long!


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