Julien – 12 years old

Julien – 12 years old

Julien is angry at his father. Clashes occur between the members of the family during the meals. Very often, both brothers line up against their parents and the atmosphere degenerates.

Julien’s father had come to my practice a few weeks earlier because he felt very stressed by his job. He had noticed the benefits Reiki had brought to his cousin after her burn-out. After 5 sessions, she had found back her joy of living. Julien’s father had immediately felt calmed after his first session. He thus suggested Julien trying the Reiki experience.

During our talk, Julien tells me his aggressiveness comes eventually from situations lived at school. His father is just a scapegoat… I teach him the ” technique of the tiger ” to help him channeling his anger, express it, without being submerged by its energy. Then, I give Julien one Reiki care hour. Julien is relieved, he is quiet and smiling.

Later on, Julien’s mother will tell me that harmony is back within the family.


This is the end of «My Reiki experience with children” article. I have received other children on Reiki sessions, with similar circumstances or disorder.

I noticed young children and teenagers are very receptive to Reiki energy. They need few sessions to find the way back to enjoyment and reassurance.

I am full of gratitude for the Reiki and its ability to transform one’s life.

I am full of gratitude for the trust these parents and children grant me.

I am full of gratitude to be fortunate enough to support these children towards the liberation of their tensions. Children are the ones who build the future of our world.

If you have seen some aspects of your life improving after one or more Reiki sessions I have given you, you can testify on this site. Your testimonials will undoubtly help hesitating people to take the path of a greater well-being… Thank you.


Paul – 14 years old

Paul – 14 years old

This is the year of the fifth grade exam for Paul.  Paul has difficulties feeling confident: he suffers from dyslexic disorders. Although the school board grants him a longer time during the examination, the young man remains very worried, particularly regarding the French written session.

And for a good reason! Reading a one-page text means real difficulties for Paul as letters get blurry. He cannot understand neither the words, neither the meaning of the sentences he sees. He needs a lot of time and method to read the questions and fails understanding the instructions: thus his answers are often irrelevant, not due to the lack of concentration but due to the lack of time.

Reading is suffering. It is a really difficult and disheartening exercise. Furthermore, he has to face other people’s opinion and judgments. Nevertheless, at the oral, Paul does not face these difficulties and he rather is alert.

Full of courage, Paul is hoping to obtain his diploma to be able to build up the life he wishes and to show that he is capable of success.

Paul came to two Reiki sessions. During our second appointment, I also guided him to visualize the success of his oral presenting his company internship report… These two sessions were beneficial for Paul: they calmed him and restored his self-confidence.

Paul passed successfully both the written and oral French tests. His head teacher was rather surprised Paul got his diploma.

Paul was very proud he had been able to prove that he was capable of succeeding in spite of unfavorable forecasts. He could gladly take the path that suited in his aspiration!

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Jeanne – 10 years old

Jeanne – 10 years old

Jeanne’s parents live apart. Jeanne lives with her mother and younger brother. This one loves to be the center of attention. Jeanne is really angry with this invading little brother: he breaks her toys, he always wants her to play with him and foremost he does not respect her need for loneliness…

After this first session of Reiki, Jeanne feels totally relaxed, cheerful and joyful again, like a child.

I see Jeanne again 6 weeks later for a second session. I ask her: “Is it your mom who suggested you come to see me again or did you ask her? His answer was unequivocal: “Oh, it’s me! It has made me so well last time, I was zen! …

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Leo – 9 years old

Leo – 9 years old

Leo is quite a shy boy who expresses himself through the music: he plays the violin ans studies music at the Conservatoire. As last year, Leo is about to take the competitive examination. Unlike the previous two years, Leo is feeling overwhelmed with bad stress. He lost his confidence in his abilities as well as his sleep.

His father, who noticed certain benefits from a Reiki session, suggests him trying Reiki to calm his fears. We book an appointment for the day just before the event.

During our exchange, I encourage Leo to tell me in detail about his musical practice, the audition and his apprehensions. I invite him then to visualize the success of his competition, to feel the thrills and the pleasure that he perceives when he plays the violin for himself or his loved ones.

Lying on the table, he lets himself go in the heat of my hands while continuing the visualization exercise. After the Reiki session, Leo is smiling; he feels light, relaxed and confident.

One week later, his father tells to me that Leo passed successfully his audition with a very good grade and the jury’s congratulations. His music professor was positively amazed at such a result because the composition Leo had chosen was particularly difficult to execute.

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Chloe – 11 years old

Chloe, 11 years old – Chloe is the first child to whom I gave Reiki healing.

Since her youngest age, Chloe could not fall asleep without her room’s light on besides the night light. For some time, she refused to go to bed before her mom.  Desk clerk in a hotel, she did not return home before 1 am or 2 am. In college, she had relational difficulties with her schoolmates and had fallen out with her best friend. She had complexes by her physical appearance and asked systematically for exemptions for sport classes. Chloe was sad and had lost all her love of life.

I explained to Chloe that she might fall asleep during the session. She answered it would amaze her a lot, as she had difficulty falling asleep. Ten minutes later, Chloe was sleeping. Her mom told me after the session that she had seen her daughter as her sleeping baby: her hands had been grinding on an imaginary blanky!

After our first appointment, that very evening, I received a SMS from the mother saying that just after the session Chloe went hopping to the car while humming. Her mother had the feeling she had “regain” her daughter … She sent back a new message one week later to confirm that this state was going on, to everyone’s delight.

After the 3rd session, Chloe accepted to go to bed at the reasonable time for a schoolgirl and asked her mother to switch off her room’s light. She had lost any aggressiveness towards her schoolmates, particularly towards her friend… and she had asked her mother to buy her a pair of sneakers to run the school’s cross! Chloe did not need seeing me again.

Today, Chloe is a young girl full of enjoyment and at ease with herself!

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Reiki’s 5 ideals


To be the actor of my life means to choose the way I behave and act, freely and consciously.

Here are the Reiki 5 ideals that Mikao Usui transmitted and which I practise of my best every day to be in agreement with Life.


  • Just for today, do not anger
  • Just for today, do not worry
  • Just for today, be filled with gratitude
  • Just for today, devote yourself to your work
  • Just for today, be kind to people