There is nothing permanent except change

TaKaíria comes from the Greek καίριος, α (kaírios, a) and means “that is done or occurs in time” ; by extension τα καίρια (ta kaíria) means “suitable conditions, opportunity“.

I noticed that my life has always been strewed with convenient encounters and moments, in particular on my way of spiritual awakening. Wait for nothing but be aware of   any opportunity that occurs …

logo-takairia-reiki-finalEven if Reiki comes from Japan, the TaKaíria logo portrays a stylized long-extinct Egyptian cat: I am fond of ancient Egypt, fascinated by the energy I felt when visiting the Great Pyramid as well as the Karnac and Louxor temples, and I love cats. Cat’s symbols are coherent with the concept of opportunity as well as with my own values:

– patience, expectation for the right moment to make your move,
– spirit of independence as well as relationship appraisal,
– spirit of adventure and courage,
– curiosity, exploration.

Cat is referring as well to harmony and a fine balance between opposites: inside and outside, internal and external, light and shadow, action and observation…