Gene Keys

Unlock your higher purpose through the living wisdom hidden in your DNA Gene Keys

Richard Rudd

Through contemplation of the unique sequences composed by the Keys linked to your DNA, you have access to their teachings. As Contemplation progresses, their wisdom percolates into you; after imbibing it, when you apply it in your daily life, one by one your troubles will begin to fall away and you will find yourself inhabiting a new and brighter life. This is the power to unlock our Higher Purpose hidden in our DNA. Your individual hologenetic profile as the key to this portal.




Wishes for 2023

For more than 2 years, I joined  the Gene Keys Multilingual Platform (MLM), whose mission is to translate the different resources in their native language. I feel very honored to be part of the translation of Richard Rudd’s various books into French. In our last meeting, we created a video for 2023.

Each center contemplated the challenges it faced in 2022 and asked for the Oracle ot the Dream Arc (Gene Keys’ latest program) to give them a resource animal and its message of support for 2023. Each group then translated the original English message into their native language and it is this video that I’m sharing with you to wish you a beautiful, magical and prosperous 2023.

I remain at your disposal if you want more explanations!

(Other pages to come!)