Reiki session

One must be resolute because the resolution is good, not because one has resolved to do it
La Rochefoucauld


REIKI (universal life force energy) is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress and to relax the person in demand. It allows the receiver to participate actively in her/his self-healing.

The receiver lies clothed under a blanket on a massage table; by channeling the REIKI energy, I place my hands  on specific areas of her/his body that are considered energy hubs (chakras and organs), helping her/him very gently to rebalance and to revitalize her/his body. If the receiver does not want to be touched, I can place my hands some centimeters above the body. This holistic technique addresses the body’s various components: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Independent from any faith, this caring and relaxation technique does not replace medical treatments.

Idéogramme du Reiki

Be the actor of your well-being:

  • relieve your pains
  • find peace of mind and self-confidence
  • surmount your emotional disorders
  • recover a repairing sleep
  • allow the energy to circulate with harmony
  • detoxify your body
  • activate your self-healing potential


Without any danger, this transmission of energy is always beneficial for the receiver.

Ideogram for Reiki