Meetings for practitioners (Zoom)

Every 1st Monday of the month at 7:00pm, I host a 1-hour online meeting between Reiki practitioners, using Zoom app. 

These sessions are open to those initiated to Reiki from any levels nor schools.

These meetings are designed for exchanging knowledge and experiences, enriching them by participating in workshops, practicing meditation and sharing group remote Reiki healing sessions.


  • Monday August 2nd
  • Monday September 6th
  • Monday October 4th
  • Monday November 8th
  • Monday December 6th

Registration required by mail, telephone or SMS (florence.dussaussay[at] – 06 89 64 91 00) specifying (for the persons I haven’t taught Reiki)  your first name, last name, home city, telephone number and email address as well as your Reiki level, no later than the previous week for organization.

Financial contribution:

  • 15€            
  • free for my students