Florence Dussaussay – Reiki, energetic healing and intuitive coaching – Besançon

Be aware of what you are, instead of accepting what you are told you are.

Jiddu Krishnamurti


As we meet, become aware that you are much more than a physical body.

When you begin to remember that you are a powerful multidimensional being, then begins a beautiful inner journey; through different holistic practices, you will gradually feel a decrease in your pain and stress, embrace your fears and transform them into strengths, soothe your mind and rebalance your whole being. Your life gradually changes and you find the joy of being an actor of your life.

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In a timeless cocoon, forget everything and relax during the entire session devoted to you.

You will be surprised by the effects that will persist…


Independent from any faith or belief, these healing and relaxation techniques do not replace medical treatments.

If you have symptoms of illness, consult your doctor. The different techniques I use are safe and will complement any form of complementary or medical treatment. I neither diagnose nor prescribe treatment.