Reiki is an effective and natural energy phenomenon. It does not depend on any faith, whether philosophic, religious or else. It presents two aspects: the energy technique and the practitioner’s spiritual development.

Harmless, it gives well-being at every level of the Being and physical, mental and emotional relaxation that is going to support the process of self-healing.

The practitioner, whose vibratory rate has been raised, is channeling the Reiki energy, not giving his own energy. The energy supplied to the receiver has thus a consistent high quality.

The receiver’s body is absorbing all the needed energy that is transmitted by the hands of the practitioner. Should the body need no energy, nothing happens.

Reiki sessions can be given only to an asking being. So, its superior consciousness is participating in its self-healing.

Reiki energy fills empty spots in the energy field, cleans the body and eliminates the excessive toxins. It targets the aspects of the body that need energy; during a session, the whole body is treated: physical organs; glands; energy channels; chakras; subtle bodies; emotional, mental and spiritual patterns of behavior …

This caring and relaxation technique does not replace any medical treatments.