Sharing meetings for Reiki all-level practitioners

From Monday 2019, September 2, I propose to held 2 sharing meeting between Reiki practitioners on the first Monday of each month at 2:00 pm  and 7:30 pm.

These sessions are open to those initiated to Reiki from any levels nor schools.

These meetings are designed for exchanging knowledge and experiences, enriching them by participating in workshops, practicing meditation and sharing group Reiki treatments.

Each participant can share drinks, fruits or cakes (in small quantity!) if they wish.

Place: Cabinet TaKaíria Soins Naturels Reiki – 14 rue des Chaprais in Besançon

Registration required by mail, telephone or SMS (florence.dussaussay[at] – 06 89 64 91 00) for organization.

Financial contribution:

  • 10€            
  • 5€ for my students