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How do I learn Reiki?

Reiki is really simple to learn and anyone can learn it. Reiki works for everyone, so you don’t need any special qualities nor any prior experience of such things; you do not even need to believe in Reiki: it will still work for you throughout your life time! Reiki is taught at four levels:

First Degree introduces you to working with and experiencing energy. You learn how to work on yourself so that you can develop your ability as a channel and balance your energy system over time. You will also learn how to pass on the benefits of Reiki to others, using a simple treatment system. By the end of your course you will know what to do and you will be able to work on yourself and treat your family, friends and pets.

Second Degree is seen as “practitioner” level and most people will take the first two courses, leaving a few months in between to give you an opportunity to work on yourself and get the hang of the basics before moving on. You learn some symbols that you can use to enhance your treatments and you learn how to carry out distant healing too.

There are also 2 ‘Master’ levels: Master level and Master-Teacher level.

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